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10 worst ways to treat a customer – Part 1

At the first glance, the title might seem a bit harsh, perhaps even exaggerating, but the situations I have experienced will justify it. At least they did to me.

This article is not from the service provider point of view, but from the humble customer who is most likely not an expert (that’s why one would contact with a professional in the first place, right?) and sometimes has her misunderstanding or god forbid mistakes. Rings a bell? We’ve all been there at least once in our lifetimes, and we should be allowed to be so without making us feel like an idiot.

Let’s see the 10 DONTs of customer service.

  1. Do not refer me back to your company’s website.

I sent an inquiry and I received an answer, too. Already feeling like Christmas. My heart is pounding when I open the email. Then it comes…the slap in the face. They, of course, thank me for my interest and wholeheartedly ensure me that everything I wanted to know can be found on the link below.

“I beg your pardon?! Would I have sent a question, if the information on the website had been clear enough?” Of course not. The only thing I am reassured of at this moment is that I am not valued and even the customer service does not care about me. Not a nice feeling to have and needless to say that there is no way that I ever order anything from the company.

  1. Do not call my notion unrealistic.

As I mentioned, most of the customers, including me, are not experts. Obviously, if I were, I would not seek for assistance. So calling my idea unrealistic is not only insulting, but down right disdainful. When I received such letter, I could almost hear them laughing at me in my head. Yes, I was not aware of the price range or any other aspects of the task, but is it really necessary to treat me like I meant harm or I am a raving lunatic?

I would suggest another approach: explain me briefly how the process work, where I got it wrong and why my expectations needs to be altered. I know that time is money, but a concise comment will win me over in no time.


Bear with me, we will continue this highly emotional topic soon.

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